Yehya Khalil to hold exceptional concert in Cairo’s Opera Open Theater on July 10


Wed, 08 Jul 2020 - 02:13 GMT

Yehya Khalil - ET

Yehya Khalil - ET

CAIRO – 8 July 2020: Yehya Khalil, the pioneer of jazz music in Egypt and the Arab world, returns to his fans in an extraordinary concert that will be held on July 10 in Cairo Opera's Open Theater.


Khalil prepared a set of new works, which he will present for the first time along with a number of his famous works distinguished by their unique artistic style that blends the Egyptian music with jazz. That is in addition to a selection of international jazz works, as well as variations of a set of the most famous tunes of Arab music.


It is noteworthy that this concert is the last for Khalil in the summer season, as he is scheduled to embark on his annual artistic tour in a number of American cities in cooperation with the American maestro Michael Ibrahim and a number of jazz stars in America.


Khalil is the pioneer of jazz in Egypt and the Middle East and the first to mix Egyptian music with jazz. He founded his band in 1979 after returning from the United States, where he mastered jazz and collaborated with major international musicians including Oliver Jones.


Khalil succeeded in forming a large fan base from different age groups inside and outside Egypt.

He participated in many local and international festivals and presented many successful shows in various cultural and artistic places in Egypt and abroad.



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