July 7 marks death anniversary of Egypt’s hero Ahmed el-Mansi


Tue, 07 Jul 2020 - 02:41 GMT

late Thunder Bolt Battalion 103 Commander Ahmed el-Mansi - ET

late Thunder Bolt Battalion 103 Commander Ahmed el-Mansi - ET

CAIRO – 7 July 2020: Director General of Greater Cairo Library Yasser Othman said that the library honored the name of the martyr, Colonel Ahmed el-Mansi, whose martyrdom anniversary falls on July 7, in the celebration of the Martyr's Day organized by the library in 2019.


The celebration focused on the heroic acts and sacrifices of Mansi, in addition to setting up an art exhibition that included a set of paintings of Mansi and his fellow martyrs, and printing T-shirts with the image of Mansi and his fellow military colleagues.


Othman said in press statements that the aim of this celebration is to review the heroic acts and sacrifices made by these martyrs for the sake of the country, and the important role the cultural institutions must play. Othman also thanked Mansi’s family for their participation in the commemoration ceremony in 2019.


Late Commander of Thunderbolt Battalion 103 Colonel Ahmed Mansi was martyred on July 7, 2017 in an attack on an ambush in North Sinai's Al-Barth village located between the border town of Rafah and Sheikh Zowayed town. 


The ambush got encircled by 13 armed vehicles carrying 100 takfiris (terrorists who claim others are unbelievers). The outcome of the battle that lasted for hours was the killing of 40 takfiris and the destruction of six vehicles. Yet, 13 officers and soldiers at the ambush were martyred, including Colonel Mansi. 

The late commander of Thunderbolt Battalion 103, dubbed Mansi the Legend, was born in 1977 in Sharqeya, and graduated from the Military Academy in 1992. He was married, and a father of three. 


North Sinai has been hit by terrorism since late President Mohamed Morsi, one of the leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, held office in 2012. A number of soldiers were kidnapped, and all the soldiers in a checkpoint were assassinated in a terror attack in Rafah town bordering Gaza Strip. 

After his overthrow following mass protests in 2013, terrorism magnified in North Sinai and spread across the country. Later on, terrorism became confined to North Sinai, and the frequency of terror attacks decreased tremendously. Yet, dozens of security personnel were martyred and injured. 

That is because the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Egyptian Police have been eliminating terrorist hideouts, and illegal secret tunnels that were dug to connect with Gaza Strip with the purpose of smuggling goods, arms, and terrorists. 


Additional reporting by Angy Essam.






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