Sherif trends on Twitter after last episode of ‘Kafr Delhab’


Mon, 26 Jun 2017 - 10:04 GMT

Kafr Delhab – movie poster

Kafr Delhab – movie poster

CAIRO – 26 June 2017: The hashtag #Youssef_ElSherif trended on Twitter Sunday after the airing of the last episode of his successful Ramadan series “Kafr Delhab” (“Delhab Village”).

Sherif, as usual in most of his series, surprised his audience with an unexpected ending: this time, Sherif banged his fans at the end to be the real devil that all were eager to know who he is. Sherif’s fans on twitter confronted him by saying, “you mislead us every time with unusual endings!”

Sherif’s fans used the hashtag to comment on the series. Their comments were either praising Sherif performance or expressing how they admired the unexpected ending.

“Kafr Delhab” is a soap opera revolving around a charmed village filled with magicians and a series of horrendous events. The series is considered to be the first full-fledged horror show in the Middle East. The series was created in a horror and suspense style that is rarely found in any Egyptian drama.

The name of the television series “Kafr Delhab” is inspired by the word ‘delhab,’ which is the name of a devil who, according to legend, lives in the seas and appears in the form of a human terrifying boats and driving them offshore or into the deep seas.

Mohamed Riyad and Samy Maghawery co-starred in the series, andthe female protagonist was played by the famous Rogina. The series is written by Amr Samir Atef and directed by Ahmed Nader Galal.



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