Abrashy: “Ragaa al-Giddawy did not receive any special treatment”


Thu, 28 May 2020 - 01:00 GMT

FILE - Ragaa al-Giddawy

FILE - Ragaa al-Giddawy

CAIRO - 28 May 2020: “Nobody is being complimented when it comes to treatment. The star is receiving a fixed dose of medication without being favored over anyone else. The medical service is received by all patients equally.”

Those were the words of the famed TV anchor Wael el-Abrashy, commenting on the controversy surrounding Famed actress Ragaa al-Giddawy’s COVID-19 case, after checking-in the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Governorate.

“Those who recovered are simple and honorable citizens. COVID-19 united humanity, and everyone is equal. Some people are just trying to pick on the star because she is popular and loved,” resumed Abrashy on “Al-Tasea” program aired on Egypt’s Channel 1 on May 27.

He explained that the dark souls and haters of art are behind this controversy, as they target state institutions and the healthcare and medical systems and their solid relationship with society amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and not the star herself.

Abrashay added that Giddawy was not placed in the ICU to get a respirator, but rather got the medicinal dose taken by any infected citizen.

“I spoke to her [Giddawy] a little while ago. She is in very good health, but her psychological condition is not okay, because she loves to be surrounded by her family and friends. The recovery rate reached 5,205, and all who recovered found good treatment and received a lot of attention,” concluded Abrashy.



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