A turning point in the events of ‘El-Nehaya’ helps Sherif top Twitter trends



Mon, 04 May 2020 - 02:39 GMT


Mon, 04 May 2020 - 02:39 GMT

File - A scene from episode 10 of El-Nehaya.

File - A scene from episode 10 of El-Nehaya.

CAIRO – 4 May 2020: The incidents of the successful Egyptian series "El-Nehaya" (The End) reached its peak in episode 10, the matter that made the series' leading actor, Egyptian star Youssef el-Sherif, top Twitter trends directly after the screening of the series.

The episode started with Aziz (Amr Abdel Geleil) preparing to shoot Energy Co's power generator with his submachine gun, but Mourad el-Mahrouky (Mohamed Lotfy) follows him before the explosion and advises him to cooperate to save Zain (Youssef el-Sherif).

On the other hand, engineer Zain starts to feel worried about his cooperation El-Waha's people and talks with his wife via video call about his suspicions. He thinks she is his wife but El-Waha management designed a software that totally resembles his wife to talk to him and encourage him to continue his mission in El-Waha.

Afterwards, Sheera (Sawsan Badr) talks with one of El-Waha employees about Zain's suspicions, admitting that they need him and his new invention and that they will tell him the truth gradually.

Episode 10's and one of the whole series' master scenes came when Energy Co started interrogating the clone robot of Zain, which they though is the real Zain, and told him it is necessary to download a new copy of his consciousness. The copy is downloaded but some problems occur in the download.

During the download the robot Zain recalled all the memories of the real Zain, and we see him in pain as he meets Zain’s father (Mohsen Mohy Eldin), who tells him you are not Zain, you are another person. Robot Zain started to recall his memories as a Robot and how human beings destroyed all the robots in a very cruel way.

The memories of the real Zain are mixed with the memories of the robot, and the clone robot of Zain turns into a super robot, and he destroys those who stand in his way in the last scene of this episode.

"El Nehaya" managed to grab the audiences' attention since the first episode and are trending on Twitter.

The hashtag #Sahar el-Saigh was previously the number one trend, while #Amr Abdel Geliel was trending number 3.

This came after the brilliant performance both actors presented in the first Egyptian science fiction series "El-Nehaya".

In the second episode Aziz (Amr Abdel Geleil) discovered that Sabah (Sahar el-Saigh) is making a clone robot of her lover Zain (Youssef el-Sherif), who married another woman.

She conveyed the grief of loneliness and loss of the only kind man she met and loved sincerely in a dazzling way.

This touching scene reached its peak when Aziz told her that she should love another man and that he married the other woman because it was their destiny to be together. Sabah replied, "I need him more than she does. I am alone in this world; if I don't speak, people will not realise I exist." The performance of Saigh and Abdel Geliel in this scene was unique and natural.

Unlike other actresses, Saigh doesn’t care for the looks; she doesn’t wear make up like most Ramadan actresses, the matter that added more credibility to the scene and every word she spoke.

Abdel Geliel, the incredible talent, provided pure and smooth performance when playing Aziz, who was puzzled and torn between helping her to make the clone robot, which is illegal and may harm the world, and sympathizing with his miserable girl, Sabah.

Since the first episode of "El-Nehaya", we found ourselves watching a new type of drama not only in the Egyptian drama, but in the Arab drama as well. Being the first Egyptian and Arab science fiction series, the series used the latest techniques.

The leading production company, Synergy, stands behind this massive production that is taking the Egyptian drama to a different level.



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