'El-Nehaya’ scriptwriter: we present entertainment through science fiction



Mon, 27 Apr 2020 - 01:51 GMT


Mon, 27 Apr 2020 - 01:51 GMT

File - "El-Nehaya".

File - "El-Nehaya".

CAIRO – 27 April 2020: Israel’s Foreign Ministry condemned the Egyptian science fiction series "El-Nehaya" (The End) because it predicts the destruction of Israel.

The first Egyptian science fiction series' events take place in the future, in the year 2120.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement declaring that the series is completely unacceptable especially that the two countries, Egypt and Israel, signed a peace treaty 41 years ago.

In the first episode of the series, Zain (Youssef el-Sherif) tells his students about “the war to liberate Jerusalem,” which he says occurred less than 100 years after Israel had been founded in 1948, adding that the Israeli Jews returned to their countries of origin in Europe.

Scriptwriter of the series, Amr Samir Atef, commented on the ministry's statement in a phone call with the Egyptian Extra News channel, "We present meaningful entertainment through this science fiction series. That’s why all the possibilities were on the table. All the possibilities were considered but the Israeli reaction, which I do not care about at all, was not."

Atef added that there is mutual understanding between him and lead actor of the series, Youssef el-Sherif, expressing his happiness that they presented the first science fiction experience in Egypt and the Arab world and that it received praise.

Atef praised the role played by series producer Tamer Mursi and said, "Tamer Mursi is a prominent producer and knows how to choose his projects. He supported the series greatly."

Israel always defends freedom of speech and art. Hence, it is strange to condemn the events of a science fiction series and deny the scriptwriter the right to imagine the future world the way he likes.

"El-Nehaya" has nothing to do with the peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel 41 years ago and is not considered a violation to it. It is just a science fiction series that totally depends on the scriptwriter’s imagination, which has nothing to do with politics or Egypt's international treaties.

Egyptian series "El Nehaya" managed to grab the audiences' attention since the first episode and are trending on Twitter.

Since the first episode of "El-Nehaya", we found ourselves watching a new type of drama not only in the Egyptian drama, but in the Arab drama as well. Being the first Egyptian and Arab science fiction series, the series used the latest techniques.

The leading production company, Synergy, stands behind this massive production that is taking the Egyptian drama to a different level.

Youssef el-Sherif embodied brilliantly the role of engineer Zain, who cares about the energy problem that will hit the world in 2120, the year the series' incidents are taking place.

In 2019, CEO of United for Media Services Tamer Mursi signed a contract with megastar Youssef El-Sherif to produce El-Nehaya. The promo of the much-anticipated series garnered thousands of views and managed to grab worldwide attention, with several international media outlets writing about the series which uses the latest international techniques but manages to preserve its Egyptian spirit and taste.

Co-starring with El-Sherif are Amr Abdel Geliel, Ahmed Wafik, Nahed El-Sebaie, Sahar el Saygeh among others. "El-Nehaya" is written by Amr Samir Atef and directed by Yasser Samy.



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