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Mohy’s 'Fawadt Amry' reaches 1M views on YouTube

Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
CAIRO - 9 April 2020: Mohamed Mohy's song "Fawadt Amry" has achieved one million views 48 hours after its release on YouTube. It is the second song of his new album "Beta' Zaman," the first being “Sahranin”.

"Fawadt Amry" is written by Ashraf Amin and composed by Mohamed Mohy.

It is noteworthy that Mohy released in March the first song of his new album, "Beta’ Zaman", after an absence of 5 years. The song is entitled “Sahranin”. It is written by Noor Hamdi and composed by Mohy.

“Sahranin” also exceeded the 1 million mark in viewership on YouTube.

Mohamed Mohy - Fawadt Amry | Lyrics Video - 2020 | محمد محى - فوضت امري

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