The completion of Al-Ma’ala tombs registration procedures



Wed, 21 Jun 2017 - 08:03 GMT


Wed, 21 Jun 2017 - 08:03 GMT

Al-Ma’ala Tombs-File Photo

Al-Ma’ala Tombs-File Photo

CAIRO – 21 June 2017: All digital photography and registration procedures related to tombs in Al-Ma'ala archaeological district have been completed by the Egyptian Antiquities registration Center.


“The registration of Al-Ma'ala area tombs came because of its great archaeological value. It was the cemetery for rulers of the third region in the south during that time,” said Hisham al-Leithi general director of the Egyptian Antiquities registration centre.


Al-Leithi added that the work of the mission also included the architectural hoisting of Al-Ma’ala’s seven graves. ‘’The digital photographing of the tombs included shooting the tombs façades to highlight its architectural image as well as capturing photos of the inscriptions found in the tombs,’’ Al-Leithi elaborated.


It is worth mentioning that Al-Ma’ala cemetery contains seven tombs divided into two groups, the southern side includes three graves. The main cemetery in the Southern side is the tomb of the region’s governor Ankhtifi, who was the governor of Nkhen province. The Nkhen providence was located between Edfu and Esna during pharaoh Neferkara’s reign.

The northern group of cemeteries consist of four tombs. The first is the tomb of Prince Supak Hutp, who is believed to be the son of Ankhtifi . He was the governor of the region, and the owner of the most important cemetery. There are three tombs with unknown names located next to Prince Supak Hutp’s tomb.


Neferkara was one of the most important rulers during the first transition era. His tomb was decorated with strange regional style drawings. Neferkara tomb contains his detailed autobiography engraved on its walls as well as detailed information about the beginning of the first transition period.




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