“Dam el-Nakhl” poster - ET “Dam el-Nakhl” poster - ET

'Dam el-Nakh', 'Ma Ward' available for free on Vimeo

Sun, Apr. 5, 2020
CAIRO - 5 April 2020: “Dam el-Nakhl” and “Ma Ward” are two feature films produced by the General Film Foundation, and are available for viewing on the Vimeo platform for free.

This comes as part of the initiative recently launched under the title "Cinema at Your Home" to facilitate the period of quarantine imposed in light of the precautionary measures to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading.

“Dam el-Nakhl” is directed by Najda Anzour and written by Diana Kamal el-Din. The film’s cast includes Lujain Ismail, Joan Khadr, Mustafa Saad Eddin, Jihad al-Zoghbi, Adnan Abdel Jalil, Mohammad Felfela, Majd Naeem, Amer Ali, Qusai Qudsaya, Mahmoud Khalili, Laila Baqdoonis, Sewar Dawood and Hamada Salim.

The film talks about Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Assad who was killed by ISIS, while defending the treasures of the city of Palmyra, and refusing to leave it for pillage and destruction.

“Ma Ward” is directed by Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed. It is inspired by Mahmoud Abdel Wahed's "When the bell rings”. The film stars Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid, Reham Aziz, Nora Rahal, Amana Wali, Wasim Qazaq, Lujain Ismail and Yusef Moqbel.

The film tells the story of three men who fall in love with a woman who works in distilling rose oil. This story takes us to the 1950s, showing the radical social changes in the structure of the Syrian society between conservatism, liberalism, and nationalism, and how these ideologies have impacted the human life in Syria until now.

“Dam el-Nakhl” can be watched through this link:

https://vimeo.com/403266490 Password: khaledalasaad#nfo

“Maward” can be watched through this link:

https://vimeo.com/403233022 Password: national#film#organization

The films will be available for viewing for a week.

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