Abla Fahita is back: Egypt’s funniest puppet's program on ON TV every Thursday, Friday


Fri, 03 Apr 2020 - 10:11 GMT

File - Abla Fahita.

File - Abla Fahita.

CAIRO – 4 April: Egypt’s funniest and most famous puppet, Abla Fahita is back again.

The first episode of season 7 from Abla Fahita’s ‘’Live from the Duplex’’ program was screened on ON TV channel on Thursday.

The Live from Duplex program will be screened twice a week, every Thursday and Friday at 11 pm on ON TV channel.

The first episode contained a funny song about Coronavirus and quarantine sang by Abla Fahita and people who are staying at home, in addition to some celebrities such as Ahmed Salah Hosny, Amr Youssef, Mai Selim, among others.

In her first appearance on season 7, the popular comedy puppet interviewed a doctor to talk about the procedures people should make to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Abla Fahita talked with a number of families who are staying at home in different countries and asked them how they are dealing with Coronavirus.

In the first episode Abla Fahita hosted the well-known shaabi singer Hassan Shakoush who sang his famous songs ‘’ Bent El Geran’’ ( The daughter of my Neighbours) and ‘’ Oud el Batal’’ ( The Champion’s Body) with different funny lyrics about Coronavirus.

Abla Fahita interviewed in the second episode famed Egyptian star Amr Youssef and his brother Ali Youssef. The second episode witnessed the appearance of Abla Fahita'a daughter Karo who interviewed Amr Youssef before her mother Fahita.

Abla Fahita’s ‘’Live from the Duplex’’ program is produced by the leading production company Synergy.

Abla Fahita is a popular puppet that appeared in 2011 and performed her first entertainment program on CBC Channel.

Abla Fahita has announced cooperation with Netflix to produce its second Egyptian series. “Abla Fahita” series is the production of OKWRD in cooperation with ASAP Productions.

"Abla Fahita" series will show the human side of the most famous Egyptian puppet in socio-comic attire mixed with excitement, mystery and adventures.

For her part, Abla Fahita previously commented, “Oh God! I was hardly able to present TV shows; now they want me to do a series! I accepted because the series will be presented in 20 different languages and will screen in over 190 countries! I always have said that Egyptian humor is one of the best things we can export to get hard currency! After long thread cotton of course! As you all can see drama and grief are all over the world now and the best cure for this drama is to present our Egyptian humor worldwide!”



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