Late father and son (Haitham Ahmad Zaki Left) - Compiled photo by ET Late father and son (Haitham Ahmad Zaki Left) - Compiled photo by ET

Abdel Ghani: Culture Min. to establish museum for Zaki’s belongings

Tue, Feb. 25, 2020
CAIRO - 25 February 2020: Counselor Bilal Abdel-Ghani, attorney of Haitham Ahmed Zaki's heir, said that what was sold of late star Ahmed Zaki's properties is the apartment of the Haram office.

Abdel Ghani further clarified that the sale contract of the apartment did not include any personal belongings of the late star, pointing out that only dilapidated furniture was included in the contract. He stressed that Zaki's belongings are in his possession with the exception of one box containing documents remained in the sold apartment, until the new owner returns from abroad.

The lawyer indicated that despite owning legal papers allowing him to complete the sale, he did not sign any contracts for the sale of the apartment and that Rami Ezzedine, the legal heir of the late actor Haitham Ahmed Zaki, was the one who signed the contracts while in Egypt.

He added that medals, shields, and the pipe of the late actor Ahmed Zaki, in addition to his photos, clothes and awards are still present.

“Since the death of Haitham, brother of my client, he has pledged to hand over and preserve the belongings of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, and to establish a museum to preserve them, which is now being done in coordination with the Minister of Culture,” stated Abdel Ghani.

The details of the lawsuit for the declaration of inheritance, filed by Rami Ezzedine for obtaining his legal inheritance, were carried out with the approval of the Family Affairs Prosecution Office in Dokki Prosecution, south of Giza, as the only and legitimate heir of the late actor.

Based on a fatwa from Al-Azhar, Ezzedine will inherit Ahmed Zaki's Mohandeseen apartment and Haitham Ahmed Zaki's Al Haram street apartment, in addition to L.E 300,000 deposited in a bank account, L.E 200,000 in insurance policies and two cars.

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