Musician’s Syndicate requests YouTube to “set conditions” for uploaded content



Wed, 19 Feb 2020 - 03:57 GMT


Wed, 19 Feb 2020 - 03:57 GMT

Hamo Beka (Left), Shaker and Shakoush - Compiled photo

Hamo Beka (Left), Shaker and Shakoush - Compiled photo

CAIRO - 19 February 2020: Member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Musician’s Syndicate Ahmed Abu al-Majd said that Head of the Syndicate Hany Shaker has taken upon himself the task of facing and combating the phenomenon of Mahraganat songs.

Accordingly, the Musician’s Syndicate will formally address the YouTube administration, to set a condition of receiving the Syndicate’s permission before any lyrical content is uploaded on the channels.

Majd added that he does not think that the YouTube Administration would be reluctant to agree to this decision in order to control the uploaded content and setting boundaries, noting that no one with a YouTube channel should upload whatever they feel like without any kind of supervision on the content.

رسميًا.. "الموسيقيين" تخاطب مع إدارة يوتيوب لمنع أغانى المهرجانات

قال الدكتور أحمد أبو المجد عضو مجلس إدارة النقابة العامة للمهن الموسيقية إن النقيب هانى شاكر أخذ على عاتقه مهمة مواجهة ظاهرة أغانى المهرجانات، وبناء عليه ستخاطب النقابة إدارة اليوتيوب رسميا، بوضع شرط إجازة النقابة قبل نشر أي محتوى غنائى على القنوات.

Furthermore, member of the Council of Musicians Syndicate Helmy Abdel Baqi stressed that the Syndicate will not revoke the previous decision taken to stop Mahraganat songs, despite the controversy that occurred on social media after the decision was announced.

Abdel Baqi further explained that Shaker suggested launching a division to embrace the singers of Mahraganat songs and choose the best of them, while taking guarantees that the singers use suitable lyrics in their songs in an attempt to preserve public taste. The chosen singers will have to sign a declaration to use appropriate words, which is the least right of listeners, according to Baqi.

Moreover, Abdel Baqi said that this proposal was made before the controversial concert that was performed in Cairo Stadium, in which Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal participated, and sang “Bent el-Geran” (Neighbour’s Daughter) which included obscene words.

After the Cairo Stadium concert, the Syndicate of Musician’s position totally changed.

Abdel Baqi also mentioned that he is observing the different opinions on the matter on social media platforms, saying “Those who support the decision are more, and any decision taken will have supporters and opponents. Despite these pressures, we (Musician’s Syndicate) will not retreat from a decision we believe in.”

Head of the Musician’s Syndicate Hany Shaker has recently issued a decision preventing Mahraganat singers from singing permanently and warning all the tourist establishments against dealing with them, including Mohamed Ramadan, who recently performed numerous concerts.

Shaker stressed that he does not accept what happened recently from verbal abuse in a concert held at Cairo Stadium performed by Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal, who utilized words that violate the norm and encroach on the principles of Egyptian society.

Also, Shaker stated that the Syndicate’s Council will reconsider all permits and Syndicate memberships previously granted, in light of the standards and values accepted by the Egyptian society.



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