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New season of 'Cinema Masr’ to kick off on Feb. 20

Tue, Feb. 18, 2020
CAIRO – 18 February 2020: The new season of director Khaled Galal's play “Cinema Masr” will stage in the Artistic Creativity Center's Theatre at Cairo Opera House starting Feb. 20.

"Cinema Masr" is the graduation play of the graduates of the second batch of the Acting Department at the Artistic Creativity Center.

In the play, Galal depicts the cinematic history in Egypt through different scenes from the Egyptian masterpieces.

These scenes are presented by young artists with multiple talents in acting, singing, dancing and all performing arts.

Galal and his cast decided to honor Egyptian filmmakers by selecting a group of their works to include in the play, beginning with the minister of culture, who was honoured as a musician and a flute player in several films by late iconic director Youssef Chahine.

Also, veteran artist Samira Ahmed was honored with a scene from her film “El Shimaa”. Omar Abdel Aziz, director of "El Shaka men Haq el Zouga" (The apartment belongs to the wife), was also honored by a scene from his popular film.

Furthermore, late writer Ahmed Bahgat, the author of the film “Ayam el Sadat” (Days of Sadat), was also honored; his son Khaled Bahgat received the honoring. Late artist Riyad al-Qasabji, also known as "Shawish Attieh”, was among the honorees.

The play is the vision of Khaled Galal; the play's poems are written by Imad Abdel Mohsen, and its music is composed by Manar el-Shazly. It is executively directed by Ola Fahmy. "Cinema Masr" is produced by the Cultural Development Fund.

“Cinema Masr” stars Iman Ghoneim, Ghada Talaat, Amr Kamal, Badir, Basma Maher, Rabab al-Qa’id, Rabia Rafia, Maya Maher, Reham el-Shanawani, Shaima Abbas, Mohammad Abdo, Hala Marzouq, Ahmed Fawzi, Marwa Eid, Baher al-Nweihi, Norhan el-Marhoumi, and Nehal Fahmy, among others.
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