Illustrative brochure about Banasa completed


Wed, 05 Feb 2020 - 03:15 GMT

Part of the illustrative brochure - ET

Part of the illustrative brochure - ET

CAIRO - 5 February 2020: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has completed a detailed brochure about the ancient city of Bahnasa (Oxyrhynchus) in Minya Governorate.

This came upon the instructions of Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Anani to create an illustrative brochure of the city and its Islamic monuments, such as the domes, shrines and mosques of the companions of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), and the followers and scholars who visited Egypt, along with the tree of the Virgin Mary and the dome of the seven girls.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will print a large number of the illustrated brochure, prior to its distribution at the archaeological areas and tourism offices in the governorates of Egypt.

It is worth noting that the minister of tourism and antiquities visited Minya last Thursday to announce a new archaeological excavation in Ghuraifah, Tuna el-Gabal.

A tour on Friday was made to inspect the works of the restoration project of the Monastery and Church of the Virgin Mary (Deir el-Muharraq) in Jabal al-Tayr (Mount Bird), which is one of the stops on the path of the Holy Family in Egypt.

A tour was also made to the city of Banhansa (Oxyrhynchus) as it hosts several domes, shrines and mosques of about 70 of the companions of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), and the followers and martyrs of Islam. The brochure was made with the aim of providing abundant information on the region’s endless religious and touristic sites that hold a great value.

Also, Anani directed to start the restoration work immediately in the area of the Al-Bayt tombs located in the Bahnasa area in Minya Governorate. A sum of L.E 4 million was provided by the ministry for the restoration works.

Anani stressed the importance of this region, which annually welcomes hundreds of visitors from inside Egypt, as well as tourists from some East Asian countries.

Anani pointed out that the region needs a large restoration project to bring it back to its original condition.

The minister further pointed out that the restoration works will be carried out in two parts. The first part will focus on the archaeological area and the second part will focus on the vicinity of the archaeological area.

Additionally, Anani stated that the invaluable archaeological domes need restoration as they have not been restored since they were documented in 2001, indicating that the restoration process will start in two weeks.

Part of the comprehensive brochure on the historical Bahnasa city - ET






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