"Hazalqoum" play - ET "Hazalqoum" play - ET

Mekki to stage “Hazalqoum” in KSA on Feb. 5

Thu, Jan. 30, 2020
CAIRO - 30 January 2020: Popular actor and rap artist Ahmed Mekki is preparing to travel to Riyadh, KSA to stage his first play “Hazalqoum”, scheduled for Feb. 5 to Feb. 8.

During the play, Mekki embodies one of the characters he was best known for in the film “La Trago’ Wala Esteslam” and the screenplay “El-Kbeer”.

Mekki will present “Hazalqoum” in a completely new attire, additionally presenting four new characters on stage.

Theater producer Magdy el-Hawary stressed that he chose “Hazalqoum” because he is a big fan of the comical character. The play is directed by Karim Samy and starring Ahmed Mekki, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohammad Salam, Suleiman Eid, Muhammad Mahmoud and Mirna Jamil.

“Khalsana Beshyaka” was Mekki’s latest series. The series starred Hisham Maged, Shico, Dina el-Sherbiny, Bayoumi Fouad, Intisar, Wizo and Os Os. It is directed by Hisham Fathi.
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