“El-Floos” revenues reach L.E 35 M in Egypt


Thu, 23 Jan 2020 - 02:13 GMT

“El-Floos” revenues is expected to keep rising - ET

“El-Floos” revenues is expected to keep rising - ET

CAIRO - 23 January 2020: The movie, "El-Floos" (The Money) starring Tamer Hosni, continues to achieve high revenues, as the film’s revenues in Egypt reached L.E 35 M.

The film has achieved about L.E 230 M in various Arab and Gulf countries. Consequently, the total revenues reached L.E 265 M.

It is expected that revenues will increase during the coming period, after the film "The Money" was distributed in the USA and Canada.

The producing company is currently holding negotiations aiming to display the film in London cinemas in the coming days. This will positively impact revenue as it is likely to increase in the coming period.

The film was launched in Egyptian and Arab movie theaters on December 25, achieving spectacular box office successes.

“El-Floos” (The Money) is the story of Tamer Hosni, the scenario and dialogue of Mohamed Abdel-Moati and directed by Saeed al-Marouk.

Along with Tamer Hosni and Zeina, the film is staring Khaled el-Sawi, Mohammed Salam, Aisha bin Ahmed, in addition to a number of guests of honor, including Ahmed el-Sakka and Mai Ezz el-Din.

The film revolves around Saif, a professional swindler, who is hired by the beautiful and wealthy girl to help her get her money back from another swindler, sparking an endless series of tricks and games in which the concepts of love, friendship and life are mixed.



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