Nancy Ajram’s husband officially charged with ‘intentional murder’


Wed, 15 Jan 2020 - 07:10 GMT

Nancy Ajram and her husband Fadi al-Hashem in the middle

Nancy Ajram and her husband Fadi al-Hashem in the middle

CAIRO – 15 January 2020: Lebanon’s Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun, on Wednesday accused Fadi Al-Hashem, husband of famous singer Nancy Ajram, of deliberate murder, over killing a Syrian young man for allegedly trying to rob their house.

On January 5, the deceased, who reportedly worker previously as a farmer in Ajram’s house, tried to infiltrate the house of Ajram, but he was shot dead by her husband, allegedly using the right of self-defense.

Ajram’s lawyer said that charging Hashem with deliberate murder a “natural path” for the case. The legitimate intentional killing with the aim of self-defense is punishable by Article 547 with a jail penalty of 15 to 20 years, The public prosecutor, however, referred the case to Article 229 of the Lebanese Penal Code, which exempt the defendant from punishment if self-defense motive was proven, Al-Arabiya reported.

Article 229 of the Lebanese Penal Code stipulates that the perpetrator shall not be punished for a necessary act by which he aimed to defend himself or someone or his property or someone’s property against imminent and extreme danger, which he did not cause intentionally, provided that the act and the danger are proportionate.

The alleged robber’s wife earlier denied her husband aimed to rob Ajram’s house, saying that even if her murdered husband was a thief, robbing the star and her husband would not affect them monetarily in any way.

She confirmed that her husband was a very religious person and never thought of stealing. The wife went on to say that on the day of his murder, her husband took the toy gun of his child Hassan, stressing that anyone would easily tell the gun was not real.

Since the unfortunate incident happened in Agram’s villa on Jan. 5, numerous rumors revolving around the villa slain have been circulating. Fady el-Hachem and Agram have been eager to clarify all the rumors in an attempt to expose the truth. Concerned individuals following the case are in constant confusion since incompatible information emerges from time to time.



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