In Pics: 1160 parts extracted from Khufu’s ship


Tue, 14 Jan 2020 - 04:10 GMT

Khufu's ship restoration - ET

Khufu's ship restoration - ET

CAIRO - 14 January 2020: Sakoji Yoshimura, president of the Higashi International University of Japan and head of the Restoration Project of Khufu’s ship said the work of extracting the wooden parts of the boat continues on a regular basis.

It is expected that the team will finish lifting the wooden pieces from the hole and completing the initial restoration and documentation of all the pieces in mid 2020.


Yoshimura clarified that the number of pieces of wood in Khufu’s second ship is about 1260 pieces. Some 1160 pieces were extracted by the team; 1030 artifacts have been restored, and 942 artifacts have been transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum to date. The team will begin to develop a special study to assemble the boat inside the Grand Egyptian Museum.


Director of restoration at Khufu's second ship project Issa Zidan added that once the artifacts are extracted, they are documented using 3D imaging technology. This method of documentation gives very precise and clear details. All parts will be scanned to computers before re-assembling, to avoid any possible mistakes.

Zidan further indicated that after the initial restoration and documentation, the pieces will be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum, where a special hall have been provided to exhibit Khufu’s ships, noting that approximately two large pieces of the lower part of the ship are extracted daily.



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