Battana Cultural Foundation hosts “Ayam Morsi” book signing


Tue, 31 Dec 2019 - 04:45 GMT

Baz and his new much anticipated book “Ayam Morsi” - Press photo

Baz and his new much anticipated book “Ayam Morsi” - Press photo

CAIRO - 31 December 2019: The Battana Cultural Foundation will holdg a signing ceremony on Jan. 2 at 7 p.m. for Mohamed el-Baz's "Ayam Morsi" (Days of Morsi) at the foundation’s headquarters in Yacoubian Building in downtown Cairo.

The ceremony will be attended by researcher and the director of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies Khaled Okasha, and novelist and media writer Amira Bahy el-Din.

The book illustrates in depth the reign of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, highlighting the betrayals he committed against the Egyptian people and the reason behind his ouster along with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Furthermore, the book is looked at by many as a public trial for the now deceased president or as the author describes him "the greatest traitor", for his consecutive conspiracies and his allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of the nation’s interest, and his battles against state institutions in an attempt to control it, not to mention his defamation of the judicial institution in Egypt, and excluding all political parties.

Baz considers “Ayam Morsi" as a testimony that he is responsible for, considering that he was close to the events of that dark reign. He believes that it is a sin to conceal his testimony of the various details and facts related to Morsi's crimes during his rule. The author acquired documents and evidence that condemn the deceased president, and will publish them for the first time.

“This is an attempt to document an important part of the history of Egypt, a part that means a great deal to Egyptians, because they worked to liberate their country from a terrorist group and a president who was only a representative of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Presidential Palace," stated Baz in his book’s introduction.



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