Art D’Égypte organizes a multi-artist gallery in Jan. 2020



Wed, 25 Dec 2019 - 02:58 GMT


Wed, 25 Dec 2019 - 02:58 GMT

Art D’Égypte - Official website

Art D’Égypte - Official website

CAIRO - 25 December 2019: Art D’Égypte organizes a group art exhibition for Youssef Nabil, Ahmed Asqalani, Ahmed Farid, Farouk Wahba, Mohammed Abla and Sherine Gerges on Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2020.

Among the most prominent portraits that were presented by Youssef Nabil and sold, was a painting of famed dancer Fifi Abdo in 2010, and was sold for $91,300.

A painting by an artist called Ihsan was also sold in 2011. The painting goes back to the year 1993. It was sold for $ 74,500. Another picture of the artist Ihsan -appearing tearful- was sold in 2012, for $64,900.

Ahmed Farid has presented many artworks at auctions. “The Magic City” painting made $18,750 when it was sold at Christie's Auction House despite being initially priced at $4,000 to $6,000. The subject of the painting revolves around the slums, however, it was rather presented in a way that reflects optimism about the future and life. The most characteristic description of the painting is that it came in a different technique that carries multiple layers and colors.

As for the artist Ahmed Asqalani, he exhibited his paintings in Al-Mashrabiya Gallery in downtown on November 2011, and at Art Sawa Gallery - Dubai - UAE, September 2014, another exhibition in Al-Mashrabiya Hall in downtown on March 2016, and the exhibition (Asqalanious Persons) in Egypt Gallery in Zamalek February 2017, and (Monagat Gallery) in March 2018.

Moreover, the artist Farouk Wahba presented many exhibitions, including one at the Goethe Institute in Alexandria 1994, the Tuvelies Gallery in Vienna - Austria 1997, Ratib Sadik Hall, Cairo Atelier on March 2008, Alexandria Atelier in 2009, The Nile Art Gallery, Zamalek on January 2015, and exhibition at Alexandria Atelier on February 2016.

In addition, the artist Mohamed Abla presented many exhibitions, including (Visit to India) exhibition at the Indian Cultural Center on August 2015, (On the Silk Road Exhibition) at the Horizon Hall, Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his Wife on November 2016, A Glimpse of Heritage Exhibition at Safar Khan Hall in Zamalek on January 2017, Cairo… People and Streets Exhibition at Boushehri Art Gallery in Kuwait on March 2017, Luxor My Love Exhibition on the sidelines of the activities of the Luxor African Film Festival in March 2017, The Cave of Ali Baba Exhibition at the Greek Campus Gallery in the Greek Cultural Club in Cairo on December 2017, Silk Road Exhibition in Hamed Owais Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria in February 2018, Barah el-Kadar Exhibition in Egypt's Gallery in Zamalek on April 2018, and Travel Exhibition in Safar Khan Gallery in January 2019.

Art D’Égypte is a privately owned Egyptian multidisciplinary company that provides art consultancy services. It provides services to institutions, corporations and private collectors.

Art D’Égypte works closely with curators to provide curatorial services to artists, auction houses, art centers and foundations, art projects, public spaces, museums and art appreciators. The team has a strong background and extensive experience in the Egyptian art market. The company aims to promote Egyptian artists and the art scene locally, regionally and internationally.

Through raising funds, Art D’Égypte aims to support young artists that acquire scarce funds in publishing their work. The company also sets itself the target of bridging the gap between the Egyptian artists and the world.

The company works towards filming documentaries on modern Egyptian artists starting with Alexandria. Cataloguing Egypt’s modern and contemporary art heritage is a further goal of the company.

Art D’Égypte is working on organizing yearly pop up shows in historical spaces for the first time in Egypt. The shows will allow the world to experience Egypt and its visual arts from a new angle. The objective is to raise awareness and aid NGOs to raise funds to revive its heritage, which is considered a world heritage.



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