WYF musicians to ET: Music unites nations together


Sat, 14 Dec 2019 - 02:44 GMT

File - Willy Saleh and Veronica.

File - Willy Saleh and Veronica.

CAIRO – 14 December 2019: ‘’ Love, peace and progress’’ are the messages carried by young musicians Willy Saleh and Veronica to the whole world from the World Youth Forum at Sharm el Sheikh.

Both Welly and Veronica said that music and singing are tools to unite the whole world and that they will return back to their homelands carrying ideas and decisions that will contribute to more progress and stability.

The Russian young singer Veronica said that she is extremely happy because of her participation in the World Youth Forum, pointing out that she applied to participate in the forum last year, she was accepted but couldn’t make it because of certain circumstances, that is why she insisted to participate in the forum this year.

Veronica said to Egypt Today that she loves to communicate with people from different nations that is why she is happy with her participation in the forum.

The young Russian singer praised the dazzling organisation of the forum, explaining that she knows some Egyptian music songs but doesn’t know who are the singers.

Veronica further added that music and art are able to unite the whole world and positively influence humanity feelings.

She explained that she will participate in the upcoming editions of the forum because WYF is a big chance to assure that all youth from around the world love each other.

The young Chadi guitar player Willy Saleh said that this is his first participation in WYF, pointing out that he applied last year but he wasn’t accepted but this year he re-applied because he was keen to participate in WYF with its important messages which are ‘’ love, peace and progress.

Willy said to Egypt Today that he knows some Egyptian singers such as Mohamed Mounir and Dina el Wedidy.

Willy said that he teamed up with Veronica two years ago and they performed together three duos.

Both Willy and Veronica will perform two songs at the forum one about peace and the other holds messages to youth.

Willy explained that music unite people together more than songs because any person will not be able to understand or speak all the different languages of the world, but he/she will be influenced by music.

The Chadi Guitar player said that the world is witnessing social and political conflicts, explaining that music is a form of social inclusion.

Willy added that the World Youth Forum is executed by Egyptian and African hands that is why he is proud with.

The second edition of World Youth Forum Theater was inaugurated on Friday, December 13 under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

President Sisi and Egypt’s First Lady Entissar al-Sisi attended the WYF theater inauguration ceremony.

The third edition of the World Youth Forum is set to be held in South Sinai’s Sharm el-Sheikh from Dec. 14-17, under the auspices of the Egyptian Presidency.

The forum management organised theatrical shows set to be presented starting December 13 with the opening, to bring together promising artists from all over the world to present their talents and represent their cultures through a variety of cultural and artistic activities.

Sophia, the most advanced robot and first artificially intelligent (AI) robot to be granted a citizenship will participate in the WYF as well.

The World Youth Theater activities begin on Dec. 13 with a number of shows for Rola Zaki from Egypt, the Mozar team from Morocco, robot Sophia, the Horse Band from Egypt, Fatmir Mura from Albania, Kuana Adebisi from USA, and Marisa Hamamoto and Piort Iwanicki from Poland and USA.

This is in addition to a theatrical performance which witnesses the participation of 16 different nationalities.

On December 15, shows of the Brass Band Sound from Egypt, Pou from New Zealand, Wazih from Cameroon, Ashra Kunwar from Nepal, and Iheb and Dana oud duo from Tunisia and Jordan will take place at the theatre.

On the same day, the Horse Band from Egypt, Kuana Adebisi from the United States of America, Veronica and Willy will perform .

The World Youth Theater concludes its shows on December 16 with the performances of Mazeek Band from Egypt, Maritta Hallani from Lebanon, Ghalia Benali from Tunisia and Kateryna Olkhovyk from Ukraine.



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