3 concerts to celebrate Christmas in Cairo, Alexandria Opera Houses


Tue, 10 Dec 2019 - 03:38 GMT

Christmas decorations - wiki

Christmas decorations - wiki

CAIRO – 10 December 2019: The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Magdy Saber, is organizing three concerts in Cairo and Alexandria to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The concerts will be led by maestro Nair Nagy and directed by Hisham al-Tali.

Cairo Opera Ensemble, the Cairo Celebration Coral and Cairo Opera Orchestra will all perform, celebrating 20 years since the start of the tradition, which has become one of the hallmarks of the opera celebrations of the occasion.

The concerts will be held on Dec. 12, 13 at Cairo Opera’s Grand Theater, and on Dec. 17 on Sayed Darwish Theater in Alexandria Opera House.

Participating teams, Sobhy Bedeir and French Soprano Caroline Duma will be honored during the first ceremony. The program includes a documentary film screening, followed by presenting a wide range of the most famous compositions celebrating Christmas.

The performers are Iman Mustafa, Mona Rafla, Jacqueline Rafiq, Dalia Farouk, Julie Fizi, Amina Khairat, Hisham el-Gendy, Amr Medhat, Mostafa Mohamed, Elhami Amin, Reda al-Wakeel, Caroline Duma, Sobhy Bedeir and Dina Iskandar.



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