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Tue, 03 Dec 2019 - 02:52 GMT

Ramy Gamal - ET

Ramy Gamal - ET

CAIRO - 3 December 2019: With the New Year approaching, many singers are eager to present their musical albums. ET sheds light on the most significant albums set to be released in the upcoming season.

Assi el-Hallani

Lebanese star Hallani - ET

The Lebanese star recently finalized his latest album, which is scheduled to be presented in 2020. The album consists of 10 songs, performed in the Egyptian, Lebanese, Arabian Gulf and Bedouin dialects.

In his new album, Hallani collaborates with a large number of poets and distributors including Suleiman Demian, Tarek Majdalani, Nizar Francis, Ghanem Gad Shaalan and Tony Saba. Most of the album’s songs are composed by Hallani.

Majd el-Qassim

Qassim - ET

Singer Majd el-Qassim has finished recording most of the songs of his new album "Bouquet Ward". The album is scheduled to be released during the new year, and consists of 10 songs.

Qassim collaborated in this album with a large number of poets, distributors and composers, including Sayed Radi, Salah Attia, Mahmoud Shawki, Bassem Mounir, Hamada Ismat and Raymond. In his new album, Qassim presents a musical style different from all his previous works.

Ramy Gamal

Gamal has completed recording all the songs of his new album. The album is scheduled to be released in conjunction with the New Year’s celebrations. The album’s final name is yet to be disclosed.

In his new album, Gamal collaborated with poets Nader Abdullah, Amir Teima, Gamal el- Khouly, Mohamed Atef, Tamer Hussein, Ahmed el-Malki, Ahmed Arsan and Ahmed Tabarak.

The composers Gamal collaborated with in his new album are Madien, Khaled Ezz, and Yasser Nour, in addition to a number of his own compositions.

Tarek el-Sheikh

El-Sheikh - ET

Popular singer Tarek el-Sheikh almost completed recording the songs of his latest album. The album consists of eight songs and is scheduled to be released during New Year’s celebrations.

Tarek cooperates with a large number of composers, poets and distributors, including poets Aziz el-Shafei, Salah Mandi, and Issam Haggag. Hussein Mahmoud and Tamer Haggag composed the album's songs.



MTM band is finalizing their new album in order to release it during the New Year’s celebrations. The band is made up of two artists: Taki and Michael. The new album will consist of eight songs, mostly written and composed by Taki. The album is a strong comeback for the band and is promised to be untraditional. MTM is known for their milestone hit “Omy Mesafra”.



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