Aisha Fahmy Palace commemorates late Ahmed Fouad Selim


Wed, 30 Oct 2019 - 03:33 GMT

Part of the commemoration exhibition - ET

Part of the commemoration exhibition - ET

CAIRO - 30 October 2019: On the tenth death anniversary of artist Ahmed Fouad Selim, the Arts Complex (Aisha Fahmy Palace) in Zamalek celebrated the artist through a retrospective exhibition.

The exhibition includes nearly 80 works of art and is scheduled to run until November 19. The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture and Head of the Fine Arts Sector
Khaled Sorour.

Director of the Arts Complex Artist Ihab el-Laban, stated that the exhibition is held in recognition of the role of the late artist as one of the most influential in the movement of plastic art in general and the Arts Complex in particular. The exhibition includes works of art representing different stages of the artist's works from the sixties until his death in 2009.

Laban further explained that the late artist was a distinguished photographer with a very special experience among a generation of pioneers of Egyptian plastic art. His vast culture, his openness to arts of all kinds and his creative tendencies helped him possess his special artistic tools and skills, liberating his mind from all academic stereotypes and repeated patterns and forming his independent artistic personality that was evident in his works.

فى ذكرى رحيله.. مجمع الفنون يفتتح معرض أحمد فؤاد سليم

أحمد_فؤاد_سليم #معرض_أحمد_فؤاد_سليم #معارض_الفن_التشكيلى #اخبار_الثقافة فى الذكرى العاشرة لرحيل الفنان أحمد فؤاد سليم، احتفى مجمع الفنون "قصر عائشة فهمى" بالزمالك لمزيد من الفيديوهات زوروا مباشر : لمزيد من الأخبار زوروا موقعنا : تابعنا ع فيس بوك تويتر



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