Misk Media Forum to be held in Cairo on Oct. 26 - Official website Misk Media Forum to be held in Cairo on Oct. 26 - Official website

Misk Media Forum to be hosted in Cairo on Oct. 26

Wed, Oct. 23, 2019
CAIRO - 22 October 2019: The Egyptian capital, Cairo, will host Misk Media Forum on Saturday, Oct. 26. The forum will be organized by Mohammed bin Salman's charity foundation, Misk Charity's Initiatives Center and will run for one day.

The forum will come under the theme "Smart Transformations in the Media Industry", and selected speakers and specialists from 12 countries around the world will participate.The forum is expected to present eight sessions, 10 workshops and a number of presentations by leading media players.

The forum aims to raise awareness of media developments and solutions that serve individuals and communities. It also targets exploring employment opportunities for young people in the media field, accelerating the transfer of advanced media skills and techniques to Arab youth, contributing to the region's advancement in the media content industry and achieving fruitful communication between interested young people and participating media pioneers.

Director of the Misk Media Forum, Ahoudal-Arfaj, said that Misk Media Forum seeks to give Arab youth the opportunity to meet with Arab media pioneers and interact with them to benefit from their experiences and knowledge.

Arfaj further stated that the forum will shed light on artificial intelligence systems and applications to help participants get acquainted with smarter, more advanced and faster tools in the media industry, whether through dialogue sessions or workshops.

The forum provides advanced workshops in media content that will demonstrate the best ways to exploit the growing opportunities in the industry.

Through eight discussion panels with 29 speakers from 12 countries, the forum will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in the development of media industry, its impact on shaping decisions that are consistent with societal requirements, and what they offer to the industry.

Furthermore, the program includes special presentations on digital experiences, including a presentation that shows how a 20-year-old man was able to reach millions of views on YouTube by creating an interesting scientific content. This is in addition to a series of presentations that will be presented in the social arena, which includes 10 workshops for a group of young people.

Misk Media Forum stresses its keenness on combating media content counterfeiting and on raising awareness of ways to deal with media to avoid drifting behind rumors and destructive ideas. The forum also seeks to contribute to the consolidation of values and ethics, taking into account the recipients of different ages, genders and educational backgrounds.
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