“Tazeem Salam” Operetta to be theme of next World Youth Forum


Tue, 22 Oct 2019 - 03:40 GMT

File - Waseem el-Naggar.

File - Waseem el-Naggar.

CAIRO - 22 October 2019: Singer and composer Waseem el-Naggar uploaded the national operetta "Tazeem Salam" on social media, in a message of love and belonging to Egypt and the Egyptian armed forces.

Naggar stated that the new operetta took nearly five months of rigorous work and effort to come to light, as it represents the return of national songs urging the belonging and love of the homeland and introducing generations to the role of the Egyptian armed forces in confronting aggression throughout history. It will be presented at the upcoming World Youth Forum, as a prelude to its presentation at most national celebrations.“I was keen to upload the song on social media platforms during the Promo of the film “El-Mammar” (The Passage), as it is the most influential national cinema work in the current stage.” said Naggar.

“The operetta came to complement the role of Egyptian art in producing works of art that fuel the national enthusiasm. This is in response to the call of the political leadership for the existence of more than an artistic work that promotes loyalty and belonging to Egypt.” resumed Naggar. The national operetta is the lyrics of Nesma el-Naggar and composed by Waseem el-Naggar. Waseem el-Naggar recently launched the idea of the longest Egyptian flag roaming the Arab countries in an effort to preserve the cultural identity.



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