Min. clarifies reasons of transferring King Toto’s tomb, Ramses’s Obelisk



Mon, 05 Aug 2019 - 01:31 GMT


Mon, 05 Aug 2019 - 01:31 GMT

Hand of Ramses II -  Juan M Vargas P

Hand of Ramses II - Juan M Vargas P

CAIRO - 5 August 2019: Ministry of Antiquities said that the decision of the Permanent Committee to transfer the Ramses obelisk to Alamain, King Tutankhamen’s tomb to the GEM and the tomb of Toto from Sohag to the New Administrative city museum is important.

The Ministry of Antiquities explained that the tomb of Toto was located in a remote area and was discovered by thieves, and that the area where the tomb is located is not easily accessible, and thus cannot be exploited in tourism.
Ramses IIClaudia Zimbres
Ramses II - Claudia Zimbres

The minister further pointed out that it is difficult to secure the cemetery in its original location.

As for Ramses' obelisk, a decision was made to transfer it for not benefiting from its presence in its original location, pointing out that it will be placed in the most important location in Alamain in front of the presidential palace, where it will be seen by different Kings, presidents and world leaders.

The Ministry of Antiquities further clarified that rain will not affect the obelisk, as there is a number of obelisks exposed to weather conditions without much of a negative impact.



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