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Hany Shaker, head of Musician’s Syndicate

Wed, Jul. 31, 2019
CAIRO - 31 July 2019: The Musician’s Syndicate announced veteran singer Hany Shaker as the new head of the syndicate, after an election, in which he received 1532 voices, was held. Hany Shaker’s competitor in the election, Mustafa Kamel, received 589 voices.

The Syndicate’s Council election was won by singer Nadia Mustafa, who garnered 1049 votes, in addition to Alaa Salama (944 votes), Ahmad Ramadan (1053 votes), Mohammad Abul Yazid (1103 votes), Helmi Abdul Baqi (748 votes), Mansour Mohamed Kamel, Khaled Mohamed Bayoumi el-Sayed, Atef Emam, Mohamed Sobhi, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abul Magd and Mostafa Helmy.

Candidates for the Board of Directors membership include 45 members: Mostafa Helmy Ibrahim, Hassan Fekry Abdullah, Dawood Mohamed Samir Ghali, Ali Abdel Halim Ali Abdel Salam, Sayed Gouda Ahmed Mubarak, Atef Imam Fahmy, Mohsen Sayed Ahmed Morsi,Mahmoud Khaled Saqr, Asim Ahmed Ibrahim El Miniaoui, Mohamed Farouq el Shafei, Mohamed Abdellah Ahmed Mohamed, Walid Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar Allam, Mohamed Hassan Awad, Born Abu Muslim, Amr Kamel Mohamed Kamel Sheha, Khaled Abd El Farag Abdel Halim, Helmy Mohamed Ali Abdel Baki, Mustafa Mohamed el Sayed El Khalil, Zaid Mohammed Mustafa, Reda Ragab Hassanein, Sayed Samman Mohamed Anwar, Mustapha Abdulla Mustafa Dagher, Adel Mohamed Mustafa, Asrar Kamal Mohamed Bashir, Mohamed el Said Omar Khouly, Khaled Abdel Moneim Taha, Ayman Amin Abdel Latif, Adly Yaqout Hassan Nour el Din, Mohamed Sobhy Ali, Ayman Mohamed Samir Salem, Alaa Sayed Ahmed Salama, Nadia Mostafa Ali Bayoumi, Mansour Mohamed Kamal Bayoumi, Mohamed el Sayed Mohamed Tantawy, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abul Magd, Wafa Hussein Wafa Ali, Mahmoud Abdel Fattah Mohamed el Tayeb, Mohamed Abou el Yazid el Ghonaimi, and others.

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