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Sun, 21 Jul 2019 - 01:47 GMT


Sun, 21 Jul 2019 - 01:47 GMT

FILE - Amar’s new album poster

FILE - Amar’s new album poster

CAIRO - 21 July 2019: A number of stars released their new album’s promotional posters to coincide with the celebration of the 2019 summer season.

Most of the stars completed recording their new albums, while others are still putting their final touches.

Mostafa Amar

Famed Egyptian singer Mostafa Amar released the new promotional poster for his new album entitled “Dehekt Leya” (She smiled at me). The songs of the new album are written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Mohamed Yahya and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim. The album includes 12 songs.

Amar collaborated in his new album with a large number of composers, poets and distributors, including Hamid al-Shaeri, Ayman Bahgat Qamar, Amro Mustafa, Mohammed al-Hadi, Walid Saad, Amir Teima, Reda Zayed, Samah Karim, Moudi Saeed, Ramadan Mohammed, Osama Mustafa, Khaled Amin, Ahmed Alaeddin and others.

Ramy Sabry
Sabry also released the poster of his latest album entitled “Farek Maak” (Do you care?). The songs of the album are written by Ahmed Ali Moussa and composed and distributed by Rami Sabry.

Sabry collaborated with a large number of poets, composers and distributors in his new album, including Ahmed Ali Mousa, Tamer Hussein, Amir Teima, Aziz el-Shafei and Hala Ali. Among the distributors is Galal Hamdawi, who previously collaborated with Rami in “Ragel we Ahed el- Donia”. The famed singer also collaborated with Tarek Tawakol and Tamim. Sabry also collaborated in his new album with composers Madin and Shadi Hassan.
Karim Mohsen
Karim Mohsen
Singer Karim Mohsen revealed the poster of his upcoming album entitled "Qabel Ba’a”. The songs of the album are written by Hossam Said, composed by Mahmoud Anwar and distributed by Mohamed Shafik.. The album includes 14 songs where Mohsen collaborated with a large number of poets and distributors including Hany Saro, Ayman Ezz, Ahmed Hassan Raul, Hossam Said, Islam Khaled, Mohamed Nassar, Omar Abdo Ali, Mohamed Mostafa Malak, in addition to a song written by Mohsem’s father, poet Mohsen Ezz. The composers include Mahmoud Anwar, Islam Zaki, Ahmed Youssef, Amr el-Shazly and Ahmed el-Shazly. Mohsen also composed a few songs included in the album.
Wama Band

The band’s new album, which features 10 songs, is scheduled to be released in August.
The new album re-unites the band members after years of separation. The band cooperated with a number of poets such as Ayman Bahgat Amar, Amir Teima, Nader Abdullah, and Tamer Hussein. The songs were composed by Mohammad Yahya, Rami Gamal, Ehab Abdel Wahid and Ahmed Fahmy.
Haitham Shaker

Shaker also released the promotional poster of his new album which includes 12 songs. The songs were written by a number of poets including Aiman Bahgat Amar and Nader Abdullah, among others.
Mostafa Hagag
Mostafa Hagag

The famed singer released his new album’s promotional poster. In his new album, Hagag collaborated with a number of composers, poets and distributors, including Amir Mahrous, Aziz el Shafei, Mohammad Yahya, Toma, Antar Hilal, Wissam Abdel Moneim, Bilal Sorour, Mustafa Hassan, Osama Abdel Hadi and Yasser Nour.



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