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“Autostrad” to perform in Jerash Music Festival on July 23

Wed, Jun. 26, 2019
CAIRO - 26 June 2019: Jordanian music band Autostrad is preparing to surprise their audience with a special performance as part of Jerash International Music Festival.

Autostrad will perform a huge concert hosted by the North Theater on Tuesday, July 23, at 8 p.m. The successful band is joining the brightest Arab stars participating in the 34th session of the festival.


Among the participating super stars in the festival’s 34th edition are Nancy Ajram, Marcel Khalife, Palestinian Mohammed Assaf and “King” Mohammed Mounir.

Jerash is the oldest and most significant music festival in Jordan and is hosted annually in the ancient city North of the country. Jerash is also the Hashemite Kingdom's most famous touristic and art destination.

Autostrad is one of the oldest and most popular singing experiences in Jordan. Their musical career has been going on for more than a dozen years since the start of their musical journey in the field of alternative Arabic music, producing four successful albums. The fifth and latest album is titled “Analog”.

Some of their most popular songs are “Orkod 3al gym” (Run to the gym), “Mersal” (Messenger) and “Mashy Besoraat alf”.

Autostrad - Orkod 3al Gym - اركض عالجم

iTunes: Spotify: اركض عالجم - Orkod 3al Gym اركض عالجم الى (3 برتقنات عالريق) كلمات خير فودي اخراج: مارون أسمر انالوج - 2018 اوتوستراد " Orkod 3al gym" to "3 bortaganat 3al reeg" lyrics by Khair Fodeh Directed by: Maroon Asmar Analog - 2018 Autostrad ▶ iTunes:

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