Ashraf Zaki: “Sabry did not mean to offend Down’s Syndrome victims”



Sun, 23 Jun 2019 - 01:58 GMT


Sun, 23 Jun 2019 - 01:58 GMT

Henedi and Sabry - Compiled Photo

Henedi and Sabry - Compiled Photo

CAIRO - 23 June 2019: Head of the Acting Professions Syndicate Ashraf Zaki stated that Yasmine Sabry did not mean to offend people with Down's syndrome.

Zaki further added that he spoke to Sabry on the phone after one of the comments the actress recently made on a social media platform that was widely misunderstood.

Sabry's comment angered many on social media and for the past few days has been extensively attack edby Instagram followers.

The actress admitted that she personally manages her Instagram account and not a PR team but stressed that she would never joke or insult people living with disability as she is a passionate advocate for equality and human rights, especially when it comes to people with disability.

The rising actor went on to add that the reason she never responds to any sort of attack on her,“I am all about peace. I hate engaging in any negative debate; it’s our job as actresses to promote and spread acceptance and harmony.”

In regard to actor Mohamed Henedi, and the vicious social media attack that was inflicted on him after a tweet he made commenting on the former Ahli player Abou Treika, Zaki stressed that Henedi is a veteran actor and no one should suspect his love for his country.

Additional reporting by Raya al-Jadir

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