For the 1st time: Egypt a member in UNESCO scientific committee


Sun, 23 Jun 2019 - 01:55 GMT

Abu-Qir sunken cities - etltravel

Abu-Qir sunken cities - etltravel

CAIRO - 23 June 2019: President of Alexandria University Essam al-Kurdi congratulated Emad Khalil, professor of Marine Archeology at the Faculty of Arts, on June 22 for winning the membership of the UNESCO Scientific Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Khalil was nominated for the membership by the National Committee for UNESCO at the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Egyptian Embassy in Paris represented by the Permanent Delegation of Egypt to UNESCO exerted great diplomatic efforts to support Egypt's candidate during the seventh edition of the Meeting of the States Parties to the UNESCO Convention 2001 to protect underwater cultural heritage, which was held at the headquarters of the organization in Paris on June 20-21, 2019.

This is the first time an Egyptian expert has joined the ICRC, where the Scientific Committee consists of 14 experts from around the globe in the field of underwater cultural heritage. It is the first scientific reference to the UNESCO Charter for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, where the committee provides expertise and scientific advice to Member States, which are 61 countries including Egypt.

During this session, six members were selected from 12 candidates representing 12 countries.



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