Multi-talented Ahmed Mekky celebrates birthday on June 19



Wed, 19 Jun 2019 - 03:17 GMT


Wed, 19 Jun 2019 - 03:17 GMT

FILE - Ahmed Mekky

FILE - Ahmed Mekky

CAIRO - 19 June 2019: Ahmed Mekky, one of the most popular stars in the Arab World, celebrates his birthday today. He was born on June 19, 1980.

Mekky does not only have a passion for acting and rapping, which he mastered. He appeared to indulge in one of the rarest passions existing in the celebrities' arena: his passion for birds and animals in general.

Mekky is not only fond of raising and observing animals, but also in learning and understanding genetic engineering and modifying genes to produce new species of animals.

The megastar’s passion did not stop there; in fact, he has operated surgeries for dying birds to save them.

Mekky said in numerous accounts that since his childhood, he has loved and raised birds. The life of Mekky can be divided into more than one person:

Mekky, the veterinary

On one of the episodes of Mona el-Shazly’s “Ma'akum” program aired on CBC, the star exposed that since a very young age, he has roamed around certain areas looking for sick birds, trying to medicate them and save their lives.

“I used to go to Friday’s market, looking to purchase a batch of sick birds. I had a room prepared to host them, where they underwent medical procedures trying to heal,” said Mekky during the interview.

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In addition, the star explained to Shazly that he used to read a lot of veterinarian books to accumulate knowledge about the field. He also added that he went as far as attending animal dissection classes in October University to gain more knowledge about the field.

His passion for bird treatment reached the point where he was studying the active ingredient for each medication and making custom therapeutic preparations according to the weight of the bird he is trying to heal. If one of the birds died while he was trying to treat it, he used to dissect it in order to understand the specific reasons that lead to its death, to be able to avoid it with his next bird treatment.

Mekky, the genetics engineer

During the episode of the highly watched program “Ma’akum”, the star explained that when he was young, he used to read abundantly about bird genetics, trying to mate different species together to come out with a new “stronger” generation of birds.

His brother studied genetic engineering in France and that he helped him attain great knowledge about the subject, in addition to the previous knowledge he possessed.



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