Turki Al-Sheikh promotes Mohamed Ramadan’s new clip



Wed, 12 Jun 2019 - 01:40 GMT


Wed, 12 Jun 2019 - 01:40 GMT

FILE - Turki al-Sheikh

FILE - Turki al-Sheikh

CAIRO - 12 June 2019: Head of the Entertainment Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Turki Al-Sheikh promoted the new clip of Egyptian mega star Mohamed Ramadan entitled “Baba”.

Sheikh uploaded the first 30 seconds of the clip on his official Facebook page and commented: "Soon in the kingdom."

قريباً في المملكة🇸🇦🔥🙏🏻❤🇪🇬 - تركي آل الشيخ - Turki Al Alshikh‬

قريباً في المملكة🇸🇦🔥🙏🏻❤🇪🇬

The song “Baba” is scheduled to be fully released in the upcoming days, and is a continuity of the songs that were shot by Ramadan as video clips during the last period. Ramadan’s previous songs uploaded on YouTube such as “Mafia”, “No. 1” and “Virus” achieved high numbers in terms of viewership.

Ramadan’s latest screenplay “Zilzal” (Earthquake) was written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.

In "Zilzal", Ramadan performed the role of the father and son, an experience he previously succeeded in, in the series “Nesr el-Saed” (Eagle of Upper Egypt), which gained great success in Ramadan 2018.

The events of "Zelzal" take place in 1992 when a devastating earthquake struck Egypt. A man buys a house in installments and the last installment is due; the owner of the house demands that the house be registered in his name and his ownership is renounced.

The seller decides to wait and prolongs the process until the devastating earthquake strikes. The buyer dies and the house collapses post the destructive force of the earthquake.

The seller then refuses to hand over the piece of land on which the house was built to the heirs of the deceased, creating a clash between him and the son of the deceased.

Although there is a love story between the daughter of the seller and the son of the deceased, the girl's father stands between them.

“Zelzal” is starring Maged el-Masry, Ahmed Seyam, Nesrine Amin, and Youssef Osman, among others. The series is the production of Synergy.



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