Fighting over inheritance: 2019 Ramadan’s Drama main theme



Mon, 03 Jun 2019 - 03:15 GMT


Mon, 03 Jun 2019 - 03:15 GMT

Compiled Photo by Mustafa Marie

Compiled Photo by Mustafa Marie

CAIRO - 3 June 2019: Siblings combating each other over inheritance was the main idea highlighted in numerous 2019 Ramadan screenplays.

Inheritance conflicts, especially among siblings in drama, are considered as a factor of attraction for the public. The series “Hekayti” (My story) -for instance- portrayed a major conflict among siblings over inheritance; where the events illustrated on the small screen a significant and influential struggle for inheritance between the brothers, embodied by stars Ahmed Bedeir, Edward and Gamal Abdel Nasser.

After the death of their father, each one of them was setting up the other siblings, trying to take the entire sum of inheritance money. The battle over the inheritance money and their greed ended up in a heinous crime; murder. One of their sons killed his cousin, which heated up the hatred among them as the father of the killed man is seeking revenge.

“Hekayti” is broadcast on CBC, ON E and DMC channels during the holy month of Ramadan at 9 pm. The series is starring Yasmine Sabry, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Ahmed Bedair, Edward, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Nahed Roshdy, Islam Gamal, Hanadi Mahna, Ahmed Gamal Said, Tamer Shaltout, Ahmed Halawa, Nehal Anbar. It is written by Mohamed Abdel Moty and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag. The series is the production of Synergy.

Moreover, the series “Abou Gabal” starring Mostafa Shaaban adopted the idea of siblings fighting over inheritance since the first episodes. This conflict began since the first episode between Diab and Mohamed Ali Rizk; brothers of Mustafa Shaaban, as they wanted their share in their father’s money while he was alive.

After his death (their father) the conflict among the brothers intensified especially after their money was looted. Jealousy and hatred towards Hassan -Mostafa Shaaban- grew inside his brother’s chests especially after their father assigned Hassan to manage his company.

“Abou Gabal” is written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir and directed by Ahmed Saleh. It is starring Mostafa Shaaban, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Mariam Hassan, Aisha Ben Ahmed, Rasha Ben Maaweya, Mahmoud el-Bazzawy, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Aida Riad and Ahmed Khaled Saleh. The series is broadcast on ON E during the holy month.

Also, the story of the series “Ibn Osool” (Good man) starring Hamada Hilal was based on the conflict between the brothers siblings over inheritance and greed. Hilal played the role of a man who was the son of a father that had numerous marriages. Obviously, Hilal has numerous half brothers and sisters due to his father’s passion for marrying different women.

Hilal’s half brother resented him and was extremely jealous of him. They tried to put their hands on his share of the inheritance. The strange part is that Hilal found his own father supporting his half brothers in their unethical activities against him.

Hilal’s half brothers eventually succeed in stealing his right in inheritance, however, the last two episodes of the series is certainly going to witness a major turn in events.

“Ibn Osool” is directed by Mohamed Bakir and written by Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zeid. The series is starring Suzanne Najm al-Din, Emad Rashad, Ahmad Halawa, Wafa’a Salim among others.



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