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Fri, 24 May 2019 - 11:22 GMT

File-Watch It

File-Watch It

CAIRO – 24 May 2019: Watch It platform for digital media content is now working non-stop with high quality and without the ads that separate the viewer from the follow-up.

Watch It application management previously announced in a press statement that it will provide its services free of charges during May.

Watch It management further added that platform received thousands of subscription applications during the soft opening at the same time it was subject to digital piracy that targeted the information security, that’s why the platform was blocked to elevate the information security system.

Many experts have spoken about the need to pay attention to digital content and digital media services; subsequently, the Watch It platform was launched.

This platform can be accessed either by through or by installing the online app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

To use the application on smart screens or the web browser interface, the user registers by his/ her email and cell phone number before receiving a message on the provided number to complete registration in one step.

Upon registration, the platform will give the subscriber a seven-day free trial, allowing the user to identify the content and learn how to use the application. The digital platform also enables users to subscribe using either credit cards or cash payment.

As the month of Ramadan coincides with the launch of Watch It digital platform, its creators contacted the satellite channels to acquire digital rights to the dramatic content and programs broadcast on the channels in Egypt during Ramadan and make it available for the users of the application.

The new digital platform is therefore full of new dramatic content. The creators will also acquire various other digital rights to add new contents serving different categories.

“Most of the global content producers have for some time aimed at protecting the intellectual property rights of the content. The content is therefore not available on free platforms in the high quality required by modern viewers; however, it can be available on specialized digital platforms,” previously commented Tamer Mursy, CEO of Egyptian Media Group.

“The new platform will seek a lot of media rights in different areas to entertain the viewers,” concluded Mursy.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Media Group is the co-owner of On TV, Al Hayat, DMC and CBC channels that provide various media services.



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