Maged El Masry apologize for ‘African girls’ story


Thu, 23 May 2019 - 10:07 GMT

FILE- Egyptian actor Maged El Masry

FILE- Egyptian actor Maged El Masry

CAIRO - 23 May 2019: Egyptian actor Maged El Masry has apologized for what he called as ‘slip of tongue’ during telling a story of three African girls.

He said that as an ‘African’ man myself, I can't be telling jokes on Africans.

On March 19, Maged was a hosted at one of the privet-television talk shows, and when asked about one of the most pranks his friends made to him, he told a story about ‘three African girls’ as he described them.

He added that he received a phone call of a friend inviting him to meet three girls who would like get to know him; however when he arrived at the appointment location he was surprised that the girls who entered his car were ‘Africans’, so he tried to escape of them and kicked them out.

Maged face a wave of criticism on his ‘joke’ later on social media; however in statements to Egypt Today, Thursday, he said that he is ‘truly sorry’ and that he didn't mean to mock or hurt anyone.

He said that he used the wrong expressions to tell the story and that his description was just a ‘slip of tongue’.



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