‘Zelzal’, ‘Hekayty’, ‘Hogan’ are on the top of YouTube


Sat, 18 May 2019 - 11:38 GMT

Zelzal, Hekayty and Hogan series - a photo complied by Egypt Today.

Zelzal, Hekayty and Hogan series - a photo complied by Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 18 May 2019: The three Egyptian series ‘’Zelzal’’ ( Earthquake), ‘’ Hogan’’ and ‘’ Hekayety ( My Story) series are on the top of YouTube, achieving the highest viewership till now.
1- ‘’Zelzal’’
Achieved the highest viewership on youtube. For the first time DMC channels managed to translate ‘’Zelzal’’ ( Earthquake) series using sign language to be easy for deaf and dumb people to follow the series.

This step comes because of DMC willingness to support people with special needs, in an attempt to engage deaf and dumb with Egyptian drama. ‘’ Zelzal’’ is the first but not the last for DMC as it will repeat this experience with other series in the coming period.

The series, starring megastar Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Shiha, Hanady Mehana, Maged el Masry Ahmed Seyam, Nesrine Amin, Youssef Osman, among others. Shiha is returning back to acting after a long hiatus of 12 years.

In "Zelzal", Ramadan performs the role of both the father and son, an experience he previously succeeded in, in the series “Nesr El Saeed” which gained great success in Ramadan 2018.

The events of the series take place in 1992 when a devastating earthquake struck Egypt. A man buys a house in instalments and the last instalment is due; the owner of the house demands that the house be registered in his name and his ownership is renounced.

The seller decides to wait and prolongs the process until the devastating earthquake strikes. The buyer dies and the house collapses post the destructive force of the earthquake.

The seller then refuses to hand over the piece of land on which the house was built to the heirs of the deceased, creating a clash between him and the son of the deceased.

Despite the fact that there is a love story between the daughter of the seller and the son of the deceased, the girl's father stands between them.

The series is directed by Yasser Samy and written by Abdul Rahim Kamal. “Zelzal” is the production of Synergy.

2- ‘’Hogan’’
‘’Hogan’’ series claimed the second rank on Youtube. Hogan series revolves around a young man nicknamed "Hogan" as he has supernatural capabilities. The young man pulls cars, pins metal coins with his fingers and mouth, and happily eats glass without getting hurt.

Hogan becomes famous and rich after being a man who lives in a shabby neighbourhood.

The series is written by Mohamed Salah el-Azab and directed by Sherine Adel.

The series stars popular star Mohamed Imam, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Omar Mustafa Metwali, Asmaa Abul Yazeed, and Abeer Sabry, among others. The series is the production of Synergy.

3- ‘’Hekayty’’

The third rank on Youtube goes to ‘’Hekayty’’ series. Yasmine Sabry plays her first leading role in the series “Hekayty”. Wafaa Amer, Edward, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmad Bedair, Maha Abu Auf, Islam Gamal, Ahmed Gamal Said, Dunia el-Masry, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Mustafa Darwish will be starring alongside Sabry.

The series is a social drama written by Mohamed Abdel Moty and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag. The social drama revolves around the success journey of a girl who starts with nothing but acquire a lot of ambitions and dreams. The determined girl eventually reaches her dreams by overcoming numerous obstacles.

“Hekayty” series is the production of Synergy. Artistic critics in Egypt anticipate the series will achieve great success.



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