‘Hona al-Quds’ musical concert to be performed in April


Fri, 29 Mar 2019 - 10:24 GMT

Hona al-Quds- Official website

Hona al-Quds- Official website

CAIRO - 29 March 2019: On the 83rd anniversary of establishing Al Quds Radio, a group of young artists is set to perform “Here is Jerusalem”, a musical show inspired by the ancient Radio station.

Al Quds Radio was founded on March 30, 1936 in the city of Jerusalem, and is considered the second oldest Arab radio station after "Here is Cairo".

Back then, the radio was considered a main platform for the most prominent Arab stars such as Umm Kulthum, Asmahan, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, in addition to many Palestinian artists such as Thuria Kadoura, Mari Akawi, and Yahya al Saudi, among others.

During the show, the young performers will stage a blend of oriental, instrumental and spiritual tones.

“Here is Jerusalem” performers are Salwa Jaradat , Sam Debol, Firas Andari, Khader Rajab, Raghed Nafa and Lama.

It is worth mentioning that the show will stage in Lebanon during the month of April.



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