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In Pics: Min. of antiquities announces discovery of Ramses II's royal lobby

Thu, Mar. 28, 2019
CAIRO - 28 March 2019: The New York University's Archaeological Mission, working at the Temple of Ramses II in Abydos, uncovered the lobby of the palace of Ramses II attached to his temple.

The stones used for the inauguration and establishment of the temple were also found during archaeological excavations around the temple.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mustafa Waziri revealed that the discovery will change the map of the temple, which was discovered 150 years ago.

The new discovery provides further knowledge about the layout and accessories of the temples during the era of Ramses II. The ancient lobby consists of walls built of limestone and bricks, as well as floors of limestone tiles.

The mission also found a second lobby with a column of sandstone bearing the name of Ramses II; that is in addition to other stone blocks decorated with stars that adorned the lobby’s roof.
For his part, Head of the archaeological mission Sameh Iskandar stated that a stone passage was discovered during excavations by the south-west entrance of the temple, which turned out to be a pathway to the entrance bearing the remains of the engraving of Ramses II's cartouche on the walls.

Iskander added that the excavations also revealed one of the rarest archaeological discoveries, the stones used for the inauguration and establishment of the temple, which consisted of golden engravings portraying the royalty of Ramses II.


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