Ramadan and Synergy cooperate in ‘’Kamar’ song



Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - 01:01 GMT


Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - 01:01 GMT

FILE - Mohamed Ramadan

FILE - Mohamed Ramadan

CAIRO – 11 March 2019: Egyptian mega star Mohamed Ramadan posted on his Instagram account a photo from his upcoming video clip "Kamar" (Moon) revealing that it will be released soon.

The video clip is produced by Synergy and directed by Yasser Samy, according to Ramadan. Synergy is a leading production company headed by famed Egyptian producer and head of the Egyptian Media Group Tamer Mursi.

Ramadan will perform his first concert on March 29. The famed Egyptian actor previously promised his fans to hold a live concert.

He is expected to sing his famous songs "Number One", "Ana el-Malek" (I Am the King) and "Mafia". Additionally, Ramadan will sing his new song "Virus" for the first time in the concert.

Ramadan received the award of the greatest talent nationwide three consecutive times.
He started his career with small roles in TV series like “The Cindrella" until he had his big chance in Yousry Nasrallah's “Ehky Ya Sharazad” (Tell me, Shahrazad).

He then became the star of movies produced by famous Egyptian producer Ahmed el-Sobky, which made him one of the most famous actors in the Middle East.

Mohamed Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by internationally acclaimed late actor Omar Sharif, who stated that he had chosen the young actor to perpetuate his acting career.

Ramadan previously celebrated as four of his songs were among the top Egyptian music videos for 2018 in terms of viewership on YouTube.

“Mafia”, the latest song for Ramadan, has taken all social media platforms by storm, and was the most searched on Google, making it the trend of the first days of 2019.

The clip achieved millions of views a few hours after its launch on Ramadan’s official YouTube channel. Ramadan received appraisal from his fans on the clip, which he presented in a distinctive way.

Ramadan is currently shooting his upcoming Ramadan series “Zilzal” (Earthquake). The series is produced by Synergy Productions.

"Zilzal" is written by Abdel Raouf Kamal and directed by Ibrhaim Fakhr. Actress Hala Shiha will co-star with Ramadan after years of hiatus.



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