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The Oscars: A platform for celebrities’ political outbursts

Sun, Feb. 24, 2019
CAIRO - 24 February 2019: Despite the American Film Academy's refusal to turn the Oscars into a platform to express political views, the event witnessed numerous political protests by awarded stars in the past.

In 1973, Marlon Brando rejected the Best Actor award for "The Godfather" and sent a native American woman to announce that Brando rejected the award in protest against the way Hollywood treats native Americans.

In 1978, British Vanessa Redgrave raised controversy after receiving the Best Supporting Actress award for "Julia", where she attacked the Israeli policy in Lebanon and described some of the protesters as "Zionist killers".

In 1993, political commentaries were not limited to the Oscars Award winners but extended to award granters such as Buddhist representative Richard Gere, who used the award to deliver a lengthy speech in which he criticized China's occupation of Tibet, China's leader Deng Xiaoping and China's human rights record.

In 2003, the Oscars were held a few days before the start of the war in Iraq. The congested political atmosphere was reflected in the words of more than one winner.

The most controversial of which were the words of director Michael Moore, when he criticized George Bush JR for deciding to wage war on Iraq, saying “Shame on you Bush, shame on you!” Will the Oscars witness new political outbursts?
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