Angham to release ‘Hala Khasa’ on Feb.21



Mon, 18 Feb 2019 - 12:35 GMT


Mon, 18 Feb 2019 - 12:35 GMT

Angham – Egypt Today.

Angham – Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 18 February 2019: Egyptian star Angham revealed that she will release her upcoming album "Hala Khasa" (A Special Case) on February 21.

Angham along with Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury and Moroccan singer Asma Lamnawar are currently preparing to launch their new talent show to discover new musical talents.

The show will be labelled "El-Zaman el-Gamil" (The Golden Era) and is set to be broadcasted on Abu Dhabi TV.

The program aims to discover new talented Arab voices and help them pursue musical careers and reach fame.

Angham is an Egyptian singer, record producer and actress. She comes from an artistic family and was born in 1972. Her father is veteran musician and composer Mohamed Ali Soliman. Angham is a popular Egyptian singer who started her artistic career in 1987 under the guidance of her father.

Following her divorce from Magdy Aref in 2000, Angham took much more control over her image and musical style. After that "Leih Sebtaha" (Why Did You Leave Her?) record established her into a strong position amid the constant emerge of new voices in the Middle Eastern music scene.

After a highly publicized feud between Alam El-Phan Music Records' president Mohsen Gaber and the artist, she moved to another record company, Rotana.

In 2005, she released the album "Bahibbik Wahashteeny" (I Love You, I Miss You) which was critically acclaimed, but did not achieve the expected commercial success.

In 2007, Angham returned to the forefront of Arabic pop music scene with her album "Kol ma N'arrab" (Whenever We Come Closer) which sold more than 500,000 copies across the Middle East in less than three months and was awarded a platinum certification.

She presented a group of successful songs such as "Etegah Wahed" (One Direction), "Toul Ma Enta Be'eid" (As Long As You Are Far), "Akteblak Ta3ahod" (I Pledge to You), and "Mahzoma" (Defeated), among other popular songs.

Profits made by Angham's albums during the past two decades remain the highest among other Egyptian singers of her category. It is worth noting that the star’s fans and critics in the industry named her “Egypt’s No. 1”.

Angham was the best-selling female pop artist in 2003. She is famous for her wide vocal range and romantic style.
Angham’s last album “Rah Tethkerni” (You’ll Remember Me) gained great success at the time of its release. Angham cooperated with numerous Arab musicians and poets in the album such as Ahmad al-Sane’e, Khaled al-Awadhi, and Turki Al-Sheikh.

Angham performed for the first time in a massive concert in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, September 22 on the occasion of the Saudi Arabian National Day.

Angham's latest song "Bakhaf Afrah" (I am Afraid of Being Happy) hit about 9 million views on YouTube after three weeks from its release. "Bakhaf Afrah" is written by Turki Al-Sheikh and composed by Khaled Ezz.



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