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‘Abl Ma Tewaed’ Haggar gift to his fans in 2019

Tue, Jan. 1, 2019
CAIRO – 1 January 2019: Veteran Egyptian singer Ali el-Haggar released his latest song "Abl Ma Tewaed" (Before You Promise) on December 31, 2018, announcing that it is his gift to his fans in 2019.

The song is written by Michael Adel, composed by Shady Moanes and distributed by Rafik Adly.

Haggar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1979 and was influenced by late Egyptian music legend Baligh Hamdy, who trained Haggar, Mohamed Mounir and Mohamed el-Helw in a band called el-Takht, which was formed in the Arabic Music Institution.

Inspired by poet, cartoonist, and painter Salah Jaheen, Haggar always wanted to sing Jahin's sonnets; he grew popular after singing them in the 1980s. Around the same time, he also began blending authentic Arabic music with modern technology and sound effects.

In addition to his prolific album releases, Haggar also performed in several theatrical plays, movies, and TV series.

Haggar concluded on Tuesday, November 13 the 27th edition of the Arab Music Festival at Alexandria Opera House.

Haggar released his recent album “Ma Takhdy Balek” (Please Take Care) in 2018. His musical repertoire includes popular hits such as “Hona al-Qahera” (Here is Cairo), “A’m Batata” (Uncle Batata), and “Dehket al-Masagen” (The Prisoners’ Laughter).

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