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Check out Italian Artist artist Vito Nesta’s newest collection on Cairo

Fri, Oct. 12, 2018
CAIRO - 12 October 2018: Vito Nesta is an Italian interior designer famed for the cultural inspirations in his artistic pieces. The artist's newest artistic dishes inspired by Cairo, Lebanon and Kenya have been released.

The Grand Tour Dishes are a personal project that follows the designer’s journeys and
travels. The artist brilliantly manages to blend factual and imaginary elements into his

Nesta imagines the tales of Ancient Egyptian women on the Cairo Plates, as he portrays them in traditional headdresses, deep in thought. These women take the forepart of the landscape.

The lady’s backpacks are made up of colorful fruits and flowers and serves as a representation of the conversation between humans and the beauty apparent in the mixture of warm and cold colors. 

The Lebanon Plates focus more on the past, in illustrating scenery from a time far gone
and the men and animals inhabiting that scenery.

Kenya’s Plates use smells, colors and stories of African warrior populations to explore the country through that angle.

Nesta was born in Milan and then moved to Florence. He later attained his degree in
interior design. His pieces stand out because they are inspired by the artist’s love for all cultures and his voyaging.
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