Abdelazem Alzahaby: The Voice "Quarterfinalist"

Mon, Nov. 25, 2013
Where Are They Now? Talent shows are a huge hit with audiences all over the Arab world — but where do the winners and top finalists go after the season ends? Egypt Today catches up with some of the best loved contestants to see where they are today.
By Yara El-Narsh
  On being on The Voice I’ve always wanted to reach a bigger audience and actually have my own fans; this I could never have achieved without being a part of a very special program like The Voice. Participating in The Voice was a very unique experience to me, especially that it is one of the most-watched shows when it comes to presenting real talents. Joining the competition eased lots of obstacles that I would have faced in my career. For example, if I had a popularity of 20% before The Voice I would say it is now 80% after the show and this is more than enough for me. On support from the talent machine There wasn’t any support offered from the program’s administration, however I took a lot of advice from the great trainers especially Saber El Robae and Assi El Hilani whom I joined in a concert recently and am working on a project with. On where he is now I released two songs recently: “Kan yama Kan” and “Mahma Byehsali”. During the coming period, I will be trying to prepare my first album, and I hope it will be an enjoyable experience and meet the expectation of the fans and prospect listeners.
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