Lara Scandar: Star Academy 6 "Semifinalist"

Mon, Nov. 25, 2013
Where Are They Now? Talent shows are a huge hit with audiences all over the Arab world — but where do the winners and top finalists go after the season ends? Egypt Today catches up with some of the best loved contestants to see where they are today.
By Yara El-Narsh
My participation in Star Academy gave me the exposure I needed to be seen and heard, especially seeing as I was a non-Arabic singing contestant at the time. The show definitely gave me the chance to prove myself and my talent, and it is what led to my being able to get signed to a label once I got out. It also gave me the experience of performing and working on music regardless of whatever obstacles are in the way. On support from the talent machine Unfortunately, once a contestant leaves the show, it’s over. I’m not saying Star Academy wasn’t supportive, but they didn’t support us either. Once we’re done with the show it’s off to a new chapter. On where she is now After releasing my first album last year and my first Arabic song this year, I’m working on a new album now. It’ll be a completely different sound than my last one. I’m experimenting more this time and I love the challenge. I am the only Egyptian and only female nominated for the MTV EMAs (MTV European Music Awards). I’m very proud of that, regardless of the final results.
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