Munich, Germany: Final Station for Cairo Steps’ Concerts for 2018


Tue, 02 Oct 2018 - 02:53 GMT

The Band Along side the Tango Foursome - Egypt Today

The Band Along side the Tango Foursome - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 2 October 2018: The German band with Egyptian Roots, Cairo Steps, is currently preparing for the final concert of a series of concerts performed by the band in 2018.

The final concert is going to be a duo with the universal tango foursome Quadro Nuevo in a night that is expected to achieve the appraisal of the audience.

The concert is going to be held in the famed Prince Regent Theater in Munich, Germany, at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018.

Cairo Steps performed numerous concerts throughout 2018 with Quadro Nuevo, achieving great success together. The duo was granted the Jazz Music Award in April in the Phil-harmony Theater in Germany.

It is worth noting that Egyptian composer Basem Darwish is considered the first Egyptian and Middle Eastern to ever achieve such an award. Cairo Steps band was granted the award for their musical album “Flying Carpet”.

The band was able to achieve a record by selling almost 10,000 copies of their album in Germany alone. In Egypt, 5,000 additional copies of their album were sold and 3,000 copies were sold throughout the rest of Europe.

The Phil-harmony Theater, the entity granting the award, created a huge golden CD Labeled “Final LB” in celebration of the great success of Cairo Steps who achieved the Platinum Shield (High Level Music Award).

Flying Carpet Quadro Nuevo & Cairo Steps البساط السحري ( Official Video)

Quadro Nuevo & Cairo steps - The Flying Carpet Project German Jazz Award 2018 see making Of under Cairo Steps : Basem Darwisch ( Oud, Band leader) Sebastian Müller-Schrobsdorff (Piano) Matthias Frey (Grand Piano) Stefan Hergenröder (E-Bass) Rageed William ( Nay & Duduk) Max Klaas (Lead Percussions) Wolfgang Wittemann (Sopran Sax ) Jan Boshra (Cello & Strings Ensemble leader) Emad Azmy " Shereen Azmy " Amir Akhnoukh " Ahmed Tarek (Violins) Hany Alsawaf (Percussions) " Ragy Kamal " (Kanoun) Quadro Nuevo : Mulo Francel (sax, clarinet ) Evelyn Huber (Harp) Andreas Hinterseher (accordion, vibrandoneon ) D.D.

Basem Darwish - Egypt Today
Basem Darwish - Egypt Today

Cairo Steps - EGypt Today
Cairo Steps - Egypt Today

Band Alongside Tango Foursome - Egypt Today
Band Alongside Tango Foursome - Egypt Today



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