Ahmed Mekky’s 'Aghla Men al-Yaqout' achieves 1M views on YouTube



Fri, 21 Sep 2018 - 12:31 GMT


Fri, 21 Sep 2018 - 12:31 GMT

Ahmed Mekky - YouTube

Ahmed Mekky - YouTube

CAIRO – 21 September 2018: Ahmed Mekky’s new song “Aghla Men al-Yaqout” (More Valuable than Sapphire) is trending #1 on YouTube as it rapidly achieved over 1 million views, more than 100,000 likes and over 20,000 comments after being uploaded on the star’s official channel.

The number of views on YouTube and tweets talking about the video on Twitter continue to rise.

Mekky is shown in the video clip with his father, which makes the clip unique. A lot of Mekky’s fans were oblivious to the fact that the star is married and has been a father for a few years. This is because Mekky always made sure to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

On the other hand, super star Amro Diab released a new song after great anticipation from his fans. The song is titled “Yetalemo” (They Learn), and is trending #3 locally. Diab’s clip only achieved 500,000 views on YouTube so far.

“Aghla Men al-Yaqout” took almost all social media platforms by storm. The song is written, performed and directed by Mekky, and is composed and distributed by Shady Saied.

Ahmed Mekky , Aghla Men Al Yaqout - أحمد مكى , أغلى من الياقوت , حصريا

أحمد مكى - أغلى من الياقوت كلمات : أحمد مكى لحن و توزيع : شادى السعيد Digital consultant : Haitham selim Social Media : Ahmed Mostafa Shiha Subtitles By : Dr.Ahmed Fathi Follow Us : Facebook :https://facebook.com/sekkymallawany Youtube :https://youtube.com/c/MekkyMusic Youtube :https://youtube.com/c/MekkyMovies Twitter : https://Twitter.com/MekkyStyle Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/MekkyStyle Anghami : https://play.anghami.com/artist/2174778 To Subscribe on Mekky Music Channel: https://goo.gl/8gwnJd

Amr Diab - Yetalemo | عمرو دياب - يتعلموا

Amr Diab - Yetalmo | عمرو دياب - يتعلموا | كاملة اغنية يتعلموا كلمات : تامر حسين الحان : عمرو مصطفي من ألبوم: كل حياتي كلمات اغنية يتعلموا - عمرو دياب Yetalemo - Amr Diab يتعلموا يتعلموا من الرقة دي يتعلموا شوف هما فين وحبيبي فين مشافوش كده ولا يحلموا



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