Ministry of Antiquities launched Meidum Pyramid’s project



Sat, 11 Aug 2018 - 12:08 GMT


Sat, 11 Aug 2018 - 12:08 GMT

Meidum Pyramid in Beni Sueif - Ministry of Antiquities official Facebook Page.

Meidum Pyramid in Beni Sueif - Ministry of Antiquities official Facebook Page.

CAIRO – 11 August 2018: The Ministry of Antiquities launched the development project of Meidum Pyramid area in Beni Sueif.

This development project was implemented to serve the ministry‘s desire to develop all the archaeological sites, transferring them to more tourist friendly sites through providing more touristic services.

Gamal El-Semestawy, general director of Middle Egypt Antiquities Department, recounted that the development project included the change of the modern wooden staircase that leads to the entrance of Meidum pyramid, the maintenance of the pyramid’s gate, the entrance gate of the funerary temple and the mastaba no.17 doors.

El-Semestawy added that the development works also included the installation of information panels within the site in Arabic and English, and new garbage baskets.

Omr Zaki, general director of Beni Sueif Antiquities, explained that the Meidum Pyramid was established in the Old Kingdom during the reign of King Senefru from the fourth dynasty (2,620 BC).

The Ministry of Antiquities denied the allegations made by some media outlets about the theft of an ancient icon of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary at the Coptic Museum.

Elham Salah, head of the Museums Sector in the Ministry of Antiquities, said that the mentioned icon is not archaic but reproduced, and it was put in a box in front of the Coptic Museum’s storehouse to be transferred to the museum’s educational department.

The department aims to raise archaeological awareness among children, youth and people with special needs through acquainting them with the museum’s contents.



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